Thank you for your kind words!

We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have received over the years from our clients for the quality veterinary medicine we have provided to our patients, as well as our strong commitment to our clients.

I can’t thank you all enough for the tender loving care you gave our sweet Josie. Hailey and Dr. Granbo and all the girls in the office were so kind and understanding while having to make some very difficult choices for Josie. Josie passed peacefully surrounded by love thanks to everyone there. If I ever get another pet I’ll be going right back to Main Street and will recommend them to everyone.
Amy R.

Julian had a lot of plaque. Because he had a dental a few years ago, we knew how great his teeth came out, and wanted to do another to keep him healthy. He bounced right back after the cleaning. Our advice is to “JUST DO IT” ! It is just as important as keeping human teeth clean, and a clean mouth means good health.

His mom, Joanne, recently had Mamush’s teeth cleaned due to the recommendation by Dr. Martin. Joanne states that he has never wanted to eat dry food. His teeth and breath were yucky! This is the second time he’s had his teeth cleaned.

Joanne states that after Mamush’s dental, he was tired in the evening, but back to himself after that.

Joanne’s advice for other pet owners: Get them cleaned as often as your vet recommends and start early to avoid having an old cat with little or no teeth, not to mention the discomfort toothaches can cause and the myriad of health problems related to bad teeth! Mamush’s smile is still sparkly and he’s even letting me clean his teeth with a small piece of gauze now!

Following a wellness exam, Dr. Martin expressed concern regarding Hazel’s oral health. He concluded that she was suffering from Grade IV dental disease. At age 7, we decided not to risk any further health risks.

She acted in pain or at least discomfort, because she often dropped whole pieces of kibblewhile eating.

After her cleaning, she bounced back so quickly, and it was amazing! Immediately when she got home and out of her carrier, she ran straight to her food bowl. Within 24 hours, she was alert and active!We have noticed changes in her eating habits since her teeth were cleaned. We have kept wet food as an important part of her diet since the dental, and she has lost some weight and is sleek and more beautiful than ever!

I would recommend to others, as Pet Dental Health not only affects your pet’s teeth and gums, but also their overall health and happiness. A regularly scheduled dental is the best regimen for a healthy, happy pet!!

Her mom, Amanda, recently had Ivy’s teeth cleaned due to the recommendation by Dr. O’Dell. She required some extractions due to lesions forming in her mouth. Amanda states that she knew Ivy was in pain due to needing the extractions.

Amanda states that after Ivy’s dental, she did very well and was happy from the moment she came home! She has resumed to both a wet and dry diet and she plays a bit more, and is very happy in general.

Amanda’s advice for other pet owners: It’s so important to keep any eye on dental health. Our pets can’t tell us when they’re in pain and will eat despite the pain. Our pets are so worth it and so much happier when they’re not in pain. Please consider regular cleanings and do extractions as soon as possible when necessary.

Her mom, Maureen, recently had Libby’s teeth cleaned due to the recommendation by Dr. Martin, that there was mild dental disease in Libby’s mouth.

Maureen states that Libby did very well after her dental!

Maureen’s advice for other pet owners: Get them cleaned for their health!

Tammy recently had Delilah’s teeth cleaned and had 3 teeth extracted due to Dr. Martin’s recommendation.

Tammy states that Delilah did excellent and was back to hard food within 3 days! She also drools a lot less now!

Tammy’s advice for other pet owners: It is very important to maintain good dental hygiene on your pet to avoid tooth loss, bad breath and any pain that would be caused to your pet.

Shirlann recently had Booka and Meme’s teeth cleaned and both had teeth extracted. Shirlann did not see any signs, but Dr. O’Dell checked Booka’s teeth and found some issues. Meme had terrible breath!

Shirlann states that Booka did very well after his cleaning; no problems and he’s a senior cat. Meme had more teeth removed, but he was a real trooper! He is more affectionate now.

Shirlann’s advice for other pet owners: It is a must to have teeth checked at the yearly visit, because there were no signs of any problems or pain, so I never would’ve known.

Lynne recently had Cooper’s teeth cleaned due to the recommendation by Dr. Martin. Lynne thought that Cooper was having pain; he was not eating well because it was hard for him to chew.

Lynne states that Cooper was sleepy the day of his dental, as expected, but was back to himself the very next day. Cooper hasn’t had any problems since his dental.

Lynne’s advice for other pet owners: It’s really important. It makes a difference in their comfort and health.

Rochelle recently had Buster and Vlad’s teeth cleaned due to giving herself peace of mind. It gives them better health and longer lives. Buster’s mom has lost 9 teeth all together because she waited.

Rochelle states that Buster and Vlad bounced back right away since their dentals. I am relieved that I had it done, both are very playful since their cleanings.

Rochelle’s advice for other pet owners: If you love your pet, just do it! You wouldn’t want your pet to die because of neglect; you won’t forgive yourself.

Charlene recently had Milo’s teeth cleaned and she had to have one tooth extracted due to the recommendation by Dr. O’Dell. Also, Milo had bad breath and the doctor thought she was in pain.

Charlene states that after Milo’s dental, she is doing great and seems now to be a more happier and pleasant cat. I have also noticed she has been eating more.

Charlene’s advice for other pet owners: “YES!” to pet dental cleanings.

Jessica recently had Bella’s teeth cleaned and had 3 teeth extracted due to the recommendation by Dr. Martin.

Jessica states that after Bella’s dental, she begs for food all the time so I guess her teeth don’t hurt!

Jessica’s advice for other pet owners: Make sure you keep your pets healthy.

Bluto’s teeth cleaned due his bad breath and the advice from Dr. Martin.

James states that Bluto is doing very good since his dental.

James’s comments for other pet owners: Bluto’s breath has much improved!

Roxanne recently had Goliath’s teeth cleaned because he had a large lump on his gums and he just wouldn’t chew bones!

Roxanne states that Goliath is doing great since his dental!

Roxanne’s advice for other pet owners: Yes, I would recommend pet dental cleanings!

Nancy recently had Benson’s teeth cleaned due to preventing pain and expense later on.

Nancy states that Benson did very well since his dental and was fine in no time! He can always eat!

Nancy’s advice for other pet owners: Do it early to prevent your pet from being in pain or losing teeth unnecessarily.

Cindy recently had Graycie’s teeth cleaned due to the recommendation by Dr. Martin at her annual check-up.

Cindy states that Graycie was probably affected by the anesthetic because she was quiet and isolated herself the day after her dental, but now is doing excellent!

Cindy’s advice for other pet owners: Try to be pro-active about your pets’ dental health, by checking his or her teeth regularly. I would definitely recommend professional dental cleanings to avoid tooth loss.

Farrah recently had Sophia’s teeth cleaned due to Dr. Martin’s recommendation, it was dental month, and because of her dog breath!

Farrah states that Sophia was back to herself the very next day after her dental!

Farrah’s comments to other pet owners: There is a significant change in her breath, which makes everyone happier!

Patricia recently had Ralph’s teeth cleaned due to having mild tartar and gingivitis. According to Patricia, Ralph has always had messed up teeth as a birth defect, and his first dental was necessary; this one was for maintenance.

Patricia states that Ralph was fine in one day since his dental.

Patricia’s advice for other pet owners: It can become a huge problem if a dental is not done.

Her mom, Janelle, recently had Abby’s teeth cleaned due to the recommendation by Dr. O’Dell, that there was calculus present in Abby’s mouth. Also, Abby’s breath was smelly, which poses a problem, because Abby loves to kiss people!

Janelle states that after Abby’s dental, she doesn’t mind chewing on bones more!

Janelle’s advice for other pet owners: I would tell them before your dog’s teeth get worse, you should get them cleaned. In the long run, it is worth it!

Ann sends her thanks for making a memorial donation in Rosie’s name to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts. It really touched me that Main Street Animal Hospital remembered her in this way. We miss Rosie terribly but glad she had such wonderful care and your concern over the years. I am grateful for all you did for her over the years, and truly appreciate your kindness and compassion.

Doreen recently brought Nikki in for a paw that was swollen and lame.

She wrote : “The staff was very professional and friendly. Both Nikki and I felt right at home. Thank you to Dr. Martin and the staff for their expert care. Nikki is recovering nicely. She has not licked her paw too much, every now and then I catch her licking a bit. So far no problem. She is almost back to her normal loving self. See you all next week. Thank you again.”

Lisa recently brought Charlie here for his first exam. She states: The staff was very friendly and helpful during our first visit; much more friendly and informative than a vet we used over 12 years ago. I appreciated the new patient folder, it was full of helpful information that we will definitely use. The staff helped me understand the schedule of vaccines and when the next boosters were due. We also learned all about tapeworms, and now have a better understanding. I would definitely recommend you!

Lorraine sends her thanks for the hospital’s donation in memory of Misty, her 10 year old Golden Retriever, who recently passed away. You are all a great team!

Kevin sends his thanks for the entire staff for taking such good care of his cat, Blackie throughout his 17 years. I am grateful for the compassion that you gave him when he passed away.

Jake’s family sends their thanks to all the staff for their kindness and support regarding their most beloved pet.

Tiger’s family sends their thanks for the thoughtfulness and caring during their difficult loss. “The paw prints, sympathy card and donation to the Tufts University Vet School, in memory of Tiger, touched us deeply. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t miss him; and your recognition of his importance in our lives is much appreciated.”

Krysti recently brought Noodles here for his first exam. She states: “The staff was very nice and friendly! Thanks for everyone’s help! I was given excellent information and everything was explained since Noodles is my first pet!”

Lori is a new client and recently brought Blacky here for an exam. She states: “Thank you to the gracious greetings we received and friendly, fast service. Blacky is doing fine!!”

Linda was here recently with her dog, O’Mally. She states: “When I came in for O’Mally’s appointment, the girls who helped me were just wonderful! They were caring and very understanding! I want to thank them and Dr. Martin”.

Bonnie brings Pugsley and Buddy in for their monthly manicure and pedicure. She states: “To Liza and the girls who cut their nails, Thank you so much for being so nice to us each and every time; and especially patient with Pugsley. He can be a handful! Thanks again for being so great with us!”

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