Lost Pet Awareness Month

Warm weather means we are all outdoors more—including our pets—which means there will be many more lost pets! Protect your pet today from theft, injury, death or becoming a “lost stray”. Microchipping saves lives!


$49 includes HomeAgain® Microchip, implanting by a veterinarian and 1 Year Enrollment.

Main Street Animal Hospital offers pet protection with the HomeAgain Microchip. 1 in 3 pets will become lost during his or her lifetime. Do not let your pet be a statistic!

Schedule your pet’s HomeAgain Microchip today.

The New HomeAgain® Enrollment Features Include:

♦ Lost Pet Recovery Network ♦ Rapid Lost Pet Alerts
♦ Personalized Lost Pet Posters ♦ 24/7 Lost Pet Specialists
♦ Travel Assistance for Found Pets ♦ 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline
Lost Pet Success Stories Your Rights When You Lose A Pet
What To Do if Your Pet Was Stolen What To Do When You Find a Lost Pet
How Microchipping Works Home Again Lost Pet Fact Sheet
Watch A Veterinarian Microchip a Dog Watch A Veterinarian Microchip a Cat