Kids Corner Fun Facts-Feb



How many teeth do Adult Humans Have?

An Adult Human has 28 permanent teeth.
That is eight more than we have as a baby.
The four wisdom teeth form between the ages of 17 and 21.






How many teeth does a cat have ?

A cat typically has 30 adult teeth, and will
loose its baby teeth around 7 months.
A cats set of teeth consists of 12 incisors,
10 premolars, 4 canines, and 4 molars.
Cats start out with 26 (Deciduous) baby teeth.






How many teeth does a dog have ?

A fully grown adult dog has 42 teeth.
This consists of 12 incisors, 4 canines teeth,
16 premolars and 10 molars. A young puppy
will have 28 ( deciduous ) baby teeth.