Kids Corner craft of the month-May

Craft of the Month!

Pet Portfolio



• 4 sheets of card stock

• X-acto utility knife or scissors

• Metal ruler

• Glue stick

• Butter knife

• Ribbon 1″ wide (at least 24″ long)

• Clear nail polish




1. Print all pages on card stock. Set aside to dry completely.

2. Score the middle of each page. To do this, lay a ruler along the red dotted lines and run a butter knife along the ruler, using medium pressure, to create an indentation on the paper. (The cover page requires two scored lines to create a wider spine. Carefully fold on the scores using the metal ruler as a guide if needed.)

3. Cut out each page along the black dotted lines.

4. Fold each page so that the art is on the inside.

5. Fasten the book together by gluing the right back side of the first page to the left back side of the second page. Repeat this step with page three (see diagram).

6. Put glue on the entire blank side of the cover page. Then, place the ribbon horizontally in the center of the page, keeping equal amounts of ribbon at each end. Glue the blank side of the booklet to the blank side of the cover page. Set aside to dry completely.

7. Trim the ribbon ends and dab them with clear nail polish to prevent fraying.

8. Fill in the pages of your pet portfolio, tie it with the ribbon, and keep it in a convenient place.


For the remaining assembly steps click the link: