Kids Corner craft of the month-June

Summer Spiral

This Summer Spiral looks pretty dangling in the breeze and sparkling in the sunlight. It’s a very pretty craft for kids to try in the summer – our photo doesn’t do it justice!

You will need:

Tissue paper
Laminating sheet and laminator
Flower craft punch


Use the craft punch to make lots of tissue paper flowers.


Draw a spiral shape onto the laminating sheet. Open up the sheet and arrange lots of tissue paper flowers on the sheet so they sit within the lines of the spiral. Scatter over some glitter.








We used yellow and white flowers and yellow glitter!


Close the top layer and carefully feed your sheet through the laminator. Please note that laminators can get very hot so young children will need an adult to do this bit.









Cut along the lines of the spiral. Make a hole in the centre of the spiral and tie through some thread or string.

Hang your spiral near a window so it will catch the sun and sparkle.