Kid’s Corner Archive – February

February is Dental Health Month !

Do you know what kids and pets have in common?

Each year, February is designated as NATIONAL DENTAL HEALTH MONTH for children and pets alike! Both campaigns raise awareness about the connection between good dental health and overall physical health, and educate pet owners and parents on how to properly care for their pet’s and children’s teeth.

This is a special month where everyone needs to help one another. Teachers help their students, parents help their children and veterinarians help their animal patients become more responsible for improving oral hygiene and tooth care.

Below are some fun activities and links for dental health month.



Pets Love Vets Kids’ Dental Calendar
Pet Teeth Brushing Guide What a Tangle!
Dental Police Coloring Rock Your Smile Word Search
Super Patient Dog Dental Word Decoder
Dental Word Find Fun Eye Spy Sheet

For an Interactive Word Find game and other activities click this link:


Click on the pictures to get to get the info!