Have A Heart Pumpkin Decorating


Please join in the fun by stopping by to view our fantastic array of pumpkins decorated by our Have A Heart Animal Hospital. Every year, our staff engage in this fun (and competitive!) activity for the enjoyment of our clients—including voting to pick the winning pumpkins.  Our clients choose their favorites by voting and may vote as many times as they like.

What makes our pumpkins special?  They are not carved—they are completely transformed by the imaginations and creativity of our staff using many different artistic materials and techniques. What starts out as a simple fruit from the garden, can end up as a piece of creative genius or just plain funny.  Stop by Have A Heart Animal Hospital to vote as many times you like between October 1st and October 31st. Bring family and friends—the more the merrier!

Check out the pumpkins each day on our facebook page . For details on our Pet Halloween Costume Contest, click here.