Feline Health Month

Feline Health

Our feline friends are masters at fooling us into thinking that they do not have any health problems.  As their care takers we must learn to be “feline health detectives” who know and understand the subtle signs of feline illness that often go undetected.  To learn more about the subtle signs of feline illness, go to our Subtle Signs of Illness handout.

If you did not realize that cats can develop heartworm  disease, you are not alone. Most cat owners are unaware of this life threatening illness once thought to be a threat only to dogs.  You can read more about the hazards of heart worm disease for cats in the attached brochure on Feline Heartworm Disease from the American Heartworm  Society.

In fact, so much has been misunderstood and unknown about feline health that the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine created  a unique center for research  and education devotedly entirely to feline health, called the Cornell Feline Health Center. Feline illnesses and diseases such as feline infectious peritonitis, feline leukemia, gastrointestinal  parasites and lowerurinary tract disease are just a few of the health issues on which the center has focused.  To learn more about these commonly  misunderstood health issues every cat owner should know about, go to the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Lastly, if you are like most cat moms and dads, you dread the process of getting your beloved cat into the car to travel to the vet.  There are many simple things you can do to reduce the stress level for you and your cat. We have compiled some great ideas that really work!  You can see some of these ideas in Getting Your Cat To The Vet“.  We look forward to seeing you and your cat on your next visit and welcome you to call our staff with any feline health questions you may have.