DNA Testing Now Offered

Find Out What’s In Your Mix!

Wanting to know your dog’s breed mix is more than a matter of curiosity.  A dog’s genetic make-up can determine its appearance, behavior, and wellness. If you choose to determine your dog’s mix, talk to your Have A Heart Animal Hospital Veterinarian. We can conduct a DNA test which will result in a customized report for you.  The Wisdom Panel Professional Canine Genetic Analysis is the only blood-based canine mixed-breed genetic analysis; available ONLY at a veterinary office.

The report you receive includes a detailed analysis of breeds detected in your dog and a profile of each of the breeds that make up a higher percentage of your dog’s genetics. These profiles of breeds include a historical background, physical traits, and breed-related behaviors. Along with your customized report, you will have access to online resources to help you learn more about your dog’s breeds.  Special Introductory Price: During August 2011, you can have your dog DNA tested for a special introductory price of $135.00 (a $45 savings!)

The Wisdom PanelTM Professional Canine Genetic Analysis has been developed through years of scientific research into the genes that help determine the appearance and behavioral traits of dogs. The blood sample drawn from your dog will go through a complex analysis to detect specific combinations of genetic markers to help reveal the breed heritage of your dog.  For more information on the Wisdom Panel and DNA Testing click here.

The information in your dog’s analysis report can do more than satisfy your natural curiosity about the breeds that make up your dog: It can help you work with your vet to refine and develop the way you feed, train and care for your pet. Questions? Just ask us. 978-373-4422. (info@haveaheartanimal.com)