DNA Mystery Dog Contest Winner

In August, we sponsored a Mystery Dog DNA contest inviting the public to guess what breeds were in the hereditary profile of Dee-O-Gee, a mixed breed dog that is seen at Main Street Animal Hospital, Salem NH . We received 78 total entries.

The purpose of our contest was to provide a fun way of sharing the value of DNA testing which helps you better understand the personality traits and potential health risks of your mixed breed dog. It is almost always surprising to see the breeds that are in your pet’s make up!

This year’s Mystery Dog was a tough one, but there were many correct guesses,
with several combinations of the winning breeds.

Dee-O-Gee’s DNA makeup, according to the Wisdom Panel Test is:

Labrador Retriever
Standard Schnauzer

The delighted winner’s Cathy and James Cook are anxious to run their prize, a FREE DNA test on their own mixed breed named Maddy!

Thank you to all those who participated in the contest and great job on the guesses!